The wild cats

Who has never been seduced by these large wild felines in the rainforests? Certainly, one can admire large tigers jaguars, panthers, and leopards in Zoos.... But owning a miniature leopard in your home, have you ever thought about it?


What was a challenge for the future, a miniature leopard,
is now accessible to all !!


The History of the Bengal

The history of Bengal began quite by accident in 1963, in Arizona. Ms. Jean Mills, a young geneticist passionate about cats, bought a female Félis Bengali. As Ms. Mills found that the female was bored in her large cage, she offered her a good companion.. a large domestic black cat. In this unlikely union was born a bitch called "Kin- Kin".


A few years later, she emigrated to California. Ms. Mills was approached by the University of California at Davis. A program of research on feline leukemia was established and they solicited the participation of Ms. Mills in this program..

The program offered eight females born from crosses between Felis bengalensis and domestic cats. At that time, it was believed wrongly that the Felis bengalensis had a natural immunity against disease.  In the eight hybrid cats programs, Maus were married to Egyptians, the Burmese, Siamese, Abyssinian and American Shorthair. They thus had the honor of founding the Bengal breed. The first issue of race, "Millwood Finally Found" was recorded at the TICA in 1983.  The CFA has not yet recognised the breed, while the FI Fe had just done so.
In France, it was recognised in 1991.


If the first task for Breeders was to raise sweet and sociable offspring, as well as coats with the especially "wild" patterns in their domestic cats, they are now focusing their efforts to find the physical traits of Felis bengalensis including the 'typey' head of the original small cat.

A huge thanks to Milan Korinek for his permission to use these superb photos of Bengalensis


The Bengal personality

The Bengal cat is a really fascinating creature! It will make you laugh to tears... their ability to have fun so tirelessly, and their acrobatics!... He falls and gets up before you have had time to react ...... ready to pounce on her toy... He is intelligent, loyal as a dog, an actor, very energetic and intense, playful and hyper curious... It is refined and elegant! He loves playing in the water... so be careful, it can get to you when you're in the shower!


The Bengal is such a strong attraction to his new masters that sometimes, they do not hesitate to acquire a second Bengal.


Your Bengal is primarily a cat whose ancestors liked to be perched at heights. He loves to have an overview of its territory. Be certain that he will inspect each corner of your home and yes......
in length, width and height also... so do not be surprised to see him make a single leap to go sniff the top of your fridge!


It certainly there is a period of adjustment to the new owner as to Bengal. But once the adjustments are done, your Bengal will become your best friend for life!

Is the Bengal hypoallergenic?

It is not accurate to claim that the Bengal is a hypoallergenic cat....!


However, people who are not affected severely by an allergy to cats, (those needing an epipen pump)
are often able to be comfortable with a Bengal in the house.....


There is no miracle... a little adjustment period is mandatory and certain precautions to increase the chances of success... but in general all goes well! During your visit to the Quest of Bengal, I can tell you more about the subject!