Our facilities

Since July 2014, I operate my cattery in a large 4 1/2 house, adjacent to my private home, at 2436A boul Ste-Sophie. These housing areas allow me to optimize the comfort of my cats, ease me of my duties as a Breeder, and make it more user friendly, and facilitate visits from my clients!!!


As breeding Bengals cats mark their territory (male or female because they are not sterilized) they must live in a suitable environment. This is why the cattery is arranged according to controling hygiene and has several enclosures, condos or units that meet the needs of cats of all ages ....

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The enclosure is large enough for adults and real, large logs are installed, so my cats can jump, climb, do their claws, and run at will !


The enclosure of the older, but unvaccinated kittens, is also adapted to their growth stages and helps me reduce the possibility of the spreading of a virus or parasite.

Once kittens are vaccinated, they leave the enclosure to discover the open air cattery, new games.... and to get them ready for their new lives as companion pets for their new homes!





The "open air" section for vaccinated kittens at least 2 months old is used as a preview... about the transition they will soon experience when they join their new family..! At this point, they are completely able to take care of themselves, eat dry food.... and are autonomous....!


The Maternity room is designed for deliveries and very young kittens .... It is configured, and arranged to the needs of the newborn kittens and their mother. This room offers the necessary tranquility for them at this stage.... which is often stressful for moms who are in protection mode of their offspring....


2 Units for deliveries are at the disposition of our pregnant females, 2 weeks before their due date.

At 4 weeks kittens and their mother are transferred to a slightly larger condo allowing kittens to take their first steps....

At 6 weeks the kittens are again transferred to a second condo, a little bigger..... where they start to play with each other... eat soft food... discover their powers to climb and dominate!





The project Phase I of the outside enclosures for the summer is on the way and almost done!


The external Phase I enclosures are designed for the males .....

The external Phase II enclosures for the females will follow...!