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August 6 2019

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Breeder tested negative,  FeLV/FIV

Pk-Déf and  PRA test done by UC Davis
HCM test in progress.



" There are people who make exotic trips...
and there are others who have exotic animals
!!!! "

About the Bengal  Quest

Located in the scenic surroundings of the Laurentians in Quebec, I experience a more exciting life!
I started breeding in 1987 with beautiful Persian and Exotic cats. At that time, I became familiar with the workings of this new challenge, with members of the " Perched Cat  Club." They have also introduced me to the world of "showing" and giving me the chance to participate in the organization of several large cat shows in Montreal and surrounding areas.
Then I continued breeding on a small scale, to attend to my duties as a "Young MOM " until 1999. Subsequently, and more intensively, I added to my breeding of Persian / Exotic, the "Bengal" in 2009. So captivated by this new evolving breed, I subsequently reduced my breeding of Persian / Exotic, to concentrate fully on what is, these beautiful Bengal cats!
If like me, you are passionate about these amazing specimens, why not spoil yourself by getting your own mini leopard?

The exterior appearance of an exotic beast, and social behavior of a domestic cat..... The best of both worlds!!


Why choose" the Bengal Quest " ?

*Because I am a passionate lover of all animals, but especially cats, and that I am a conscientious and honest person.
* Because for me, the health and welfare of my cats is a priority, so you can enjoy a high quality kitten.
* Because my first desire is to find the right owner for each of my kittens, which means that you should too! My Bengals are fed with quality food with a unique formula , "ROYAL CANIN". They are examined by my vet on a regular basis and receive all appropriate treatments in a timely manner. (exams, vaccinations, deworming, Revolution, etc.) 
MY PROFESSIONAL COMMITMENT: I have been breeding cats all these years because of my passion for cats, and not to earn a living, since I had a full time job, and am now retired. This ensures me not to be dependent on the sale of my kittens at all costs.

I offer a guarantee with professionalism that protects my clients, and therefore, assures all my clients, that they will receive a high quality and personalized service, both 'before and after' purchasing their companion.


I wish to thank wholeheartedly DIANA AFANASSIEVA ... for the design of my new website!
Her unconditional patience all my requests, my changes, new tryouts, in order to get the website
of my dreams .... thank you Diana...!

Diana can be reached at :

* Bengal kittens are available *

Breeder of Bengal kittens