Conditions of Sale

Purchase: The kittens leave the cattery from the age of 3 months. (They are sterilised when they are selected as a pet). They have received their two basic vaccinations and will be dewormed.


The first step is to the vet (visit, vaccinations, deworming and sterilisation) would represent an approximate cost of $400.00, that you will not have to pay. Since the convalescence period is at the cattery (except in cases where the customer wishes the animal declawed), the client does not have to live through this period, which sometimes can be unsettling for someone who has never had to take care of a pet who has gone through surgery.


Kittens leave well socialized, autonomous, with their Royal Canin starter kit including food, discount coupon containing a food practice, certificates of vaccination and sterilisation, TICA registration and a 5-generation pedigree, toys, a professional  (8 ½ x 11) photo, and a guide for adapting the kitten. The health guarantee is 10 days for viral, and 2 years for congenital.


Reservations for a Pet quality kitten, a deposit of $400.00 is required, and an $800.00 deposit is required for a Show/ Reproduction quality kitten. The deposit is non-refundable. Also, The Bengal Quest Cattery reserves the right to cancel the sales process at any time if it deems it inappropriate, returning the deposit to the customer.


Bengal Quest Cattery does national and international shipping .


Collecting the deposit on a kitten is done during the booking thereof. It is possible to make cash payments, or by bank transfer, or Paypal (paypal button at the bottom of this page). Please note that bank transfer fees are charged to the Buyer. Please also note that for deposits by Paypal , add 4%.


In case the Buyer does not just take possession of the kitten himself, all shipping, expenses incurred for medical requirements of the country concerned, or other expenses not specified in the contract, shall be chargeable to the Buyer.


Also, for international shipments, all amounts due must be paid 3 weeks prior to the departure date of the kitten.


The Breeder can not be held responsible for what happens in the aircraft during transport.


For Buyers who come to take possession of their kitten, the balance due is payable in cash only upon taking the kitten.


Bengal kittens are available *

Breeder of Bengal kittens